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Thrill seekers, avid crash gamblers, blockchain buffs, and all-around crypto nerds is exactly how our team would describe themselves. Crash Gambler is a collective of individuals with deep roots in crash and crypto gambling and a platform where we share our experts' perspectives with players wanting to improve their game.

Our expert team

picture of Jure Hodnik

Jure Hodnik

Meet Jure, a crash gambling expert with 5+ years of experience in the genre and an advocate for responsible play. With a deep understanding of crash gambling odds, strategies, games, and risk, Jure has helped countless players demystify game mechanics and RNGs. Outside of work, Jure likes nothing more than a good road trip.
picture of Alessia Pesavento

Alessia Pesavento

A digital native and an early enthusiast of blockchain technology, Alessia has collaborated with leading crypto casino platforms, ensuring accurate data on guides, articles, and reviews. She’s responsible for verifying the information and research that backs up our content – so that you can make informed decisions with your crypto.
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Our Business Model

We can’t pay our grocery bills out of thin air. So it’s only right we explain how we support this page and ourselves.

We do this with a business model called affiliate marketing. Certain pages on Crash Gambler include links that are provided by our partners. If you happen to click on such a link and register at a casino to deposit some money and play, we are rewarded with a small commission.

However, keep in mind that:

  • We are in no way forced or paid to write positive reviews.
  • Our reviews are done using anonymous accounts and our own money.
  • We also review casinos that we are not affiliated with.
  • This is a business model used by all review-type websites on the internet.
  • It is the only business model available that gives us the freedom to stay unbiased.