Crash Gambler’s Review Processes

Transparency is a big thing for us here at Crash Gambler.

For that reason, we ensure that all our casino & game review procedures are readily available to you and that we keep our content based on verified and unbiased data.

So how exactly do we do that?

Well, as we said, we’ve got specific processes in place that allow us to do so. This page will reveal both our process for reviewing crash casinos and crash games. Let’s get into it!

How We Review Crash Casinos

Our hands-on casino reviews are designed to cover every essential nook and cranny of the casino. Our main goal is to get the same treatment and experience as any other player out there. That brings us to the first step.

1. Initiating Stealth Mode!

To ensure we experience the same quality of service as any other player, we adopt a secret agent persona. We create anonymous accounts using expendable email addresses. This way, the casino has no idea it’s under review, ensuring an authentic experience. The screenshot below is one of such covert accounts at BC.Game casino!

2. Exploring the Casino Landscape!

Post account setup, we step into the shoes of a player and scrutinize every aspect of the casino’s interface, both on desktop and mobile. Think of us as your private investigators. The casino must hold a valid license and be trustworthy. We favor casinos that prioritize user privacy or have transparent privacy policies.

Our reviews include a “Look & Feel” section, providing insights about the casino’s design, navigation ease, bug issues, and more. Additionally, we delve into the “Licensing & Safety” aspect, revealing any hidden policies in the casino’s fine print. User-friendly interfaces without hidden menus and puzzling policies are given a thumbs up. Safety, undoubtedly, is our prime concern.

3. Investing Our Own Money!

Before we delve into the gaming experience, we lay our money on the line, depositing our own funds. We don’t accept any incentives from the casino that may potentially bias our review.

During the deposit process, we critically observe:

  • The simplicity and anonymity of the process
  • The speed at which we can access our funds
  • Presence of any extra deposit fees
  • The minimum and maximum deposit limits
  • The eligibility criteria for any bonuses with our initial deposit

We also examine the available deposit methods and currencies. Some casinos even accept NFTs, and we’ll inform you about all such options in our reviews. Once our funds are processed, we gear up to play!

4. Scouting for Bonuses and VIP Perks!

Before diving into the games, we scout around for bonuses. We aim to grab as many bonuses as possible, including the welcome bonus, daily bonuses or free spins, weekly and monthly bonuses, and game-specific bonuses and tournaments. bonus
Welcome bonuses are something we take very seriously!

Most casinos offer a VIP program, and we make sure to check the eligibility criteria and the perks it offers. You can find all the information about the bonuses offered by each casino at the beginning of our crash casino reviews.

5. Reporting the Gameplay Experience!

To provide a comprehensive review of the crash gambling experience, we play multiple crash games in each casino we review. We play these games on both our mobile and desktop devices.

We keep an eye out for potential gameplay issues such as game crashes & bugs, betting delays and long load times, excessively limiting betting limits and poor mobile optimization. Once we’ve had our fair share of gameplay, we start wrapping up, ready to deliver an in-depth review.

6. Putting Customer Support to the Test

While we hope to have a seamless experience with no need for assistance, it’s always crucial to test out the customer service channels of the casino. Inevitably, we find a pretext to reach out to them, assessing their efficiency and effectiveness.

roobet support
Support agents fear us! Just joking, we’re nice.

In each of our meticulous casino reviews, we detail the response time from both live chat and email support services, giving you an in-depth understanding of their customer service quality. We don’t just stop at the response time but also scrutinize the friendliness and expertise of their responses.

7. Time to Retreat and Reclaim Our Funds!

When we’ve ticked all the boxes and thoroughly investigated every aspect, we make our way to our digital wallet to retrieve our funds.

We’ll share the entire process of withdrawing funds, highlighting whether it was a breeze or a hurdle. We’re also vigilant about the withdrawal speed, any possible restrictions, and any extra fees associated with the withdrawal.

8. Unveiling Our Findings.

The culmination of our extensive process is the creation of these comprehensive casino reviews. These writings are a detailed chronicle of our experiences.

We take pride in the fact that our dedication to providing thorough casino reviews is unparalleled. This commitment is what distinguishes our crash casino reviews from the rest. We appreciate your time spent reading!

How We Review Cryptocurrencies We Use For Crash Gambling

To help you choose the perfect cryptocurrency for crash gambling, we also write guides to Ethereum, Solana, and Bitcoin crash casinos.

When we’re reviewing specific cryptocurrencies, we keep our eyes peeled for the following things:

  • Which crash casinos support specific cryptocurrencies
  • The average transaction speed of the cryptocurrency
  • The average transaction fee you can expect to pay with a specific crypto coin
  • The pros and cons of using a specific cryptocurrency for crash gambling
  • We check if there are any bonuses available for specific cryptos

Our favorite cryptocurrencies for crash gambling are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. However, if you’re after extreme transaction speeds, Solana might be your cup of tea!

How We Review Crash Games

One of the key things we do at Crash Gambler is in-depth crash game reviews! To make sure we can deliver unbiased and verified information about the crash games we review, we also have a special game review process in place that allows us to do that!

Here’s what that process looks like:

  1. Diversity breeds creativity and curbs biases!
    We wholeheartedly subscribe to the idea that the wider the more opinions we gather, the richer our reviews will be. As a result, every game review is the collective effort of several team members, each conducting their own in-depth research and forming independent opinions. This approach allows us to offer a wide perspective that respects and acknowledges diverse tastes and preferences, thereby reducing bias.
  2. Laying a strong foundation is key.
    Our first step is always to gather and validate the basic game information. This typically comes directly from the game developers or the hosting casinos. However, if any information is missing or appears questionable, we go the extra mile to dig deeper, reaching out to the casinos or game developers for clarification. Our commitment to truth and accuracy ensures that we have all our facts in order before we plunge into the gameplay.
  3. Let the games begin!
    The most exciting part of the review process is, undoubtedly, the gameplay. We indulge in hours of immersive gaming, meticulously noting down every detail. Our goal is to experience every facet of the game, from the graphics to the storyline, so that our reviews are as comprehensive as possible. Plus, who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to play games as part of their job?
  4. Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied!
    After thoroughly exploring the game, we convene to exchange our impressions. We engage in detailed discussions about our findings, which helps us craft reviews that are not only easily digestible but also packed with valuable insights. The review you’re reading right now is the result of this rigorous process. We hope our reviews enrich your gaming experience and guide you on your exciting journey.

We, at Crash Gambler, have a tradition of initially evaluating the gaming experience on both desktop and mobile devices. To ensure this assessment is as reliable as possible, we adopt the following strategies.

  • Employ a variety of desktop & mobile devices.
    We use desktops with different processing power capabilities to gauge the system requirements needed for smooth gameplay. This helps us determine whether a high-end PC or Mac is necessary or if the game can be enjoyed on a device with average specs. The same goes for mobile devices, we make sure to use both older and smaller mobile devices, such as our iPhone 6S, and more modern and bigger smartphones, like the iPhone 13 PRO and Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Test across multiple browsers.
    We’ve had instances where a game performs seamlessly on one browser but suffers hiccups on another. To avoid such discrepancies, we rigorously test the games across various browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Firefox.
  • Experiment with different internet connections.
    We play-test the game under a range of network conditions, from robust wifi and cable connections to mobile hotspots and weak wifi signals. This helps us understand the bandwidth requirements of each game and ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience for you, regardless of your internet connection.

How We Fact-Check Game & Casino Information

The most common issue we have when reviewing games and casinos is a lack of information.

Since we’re not particularly fond of trusting other than direct sources, we fact-check all the information in our reviews by contacting either the casinos themselves or the game providers.

Whenever we’re not able to verify data in our reviews, we make sure to note that the information you’re reading isn’t verified. This does not happen often, but when it does, we’re completely clear about it!

Final Thoughts

Even though we’re dedicated to the processes we’ve set up, we realize they are not set in stone. That’s why sometimes you’ll see us do way more than we should, but that’s because we can and should always strive towards improving our content and procedures.

To learn why we’re like that, make sure you read our about us page!