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Updated: 14 June 2024

BC.Game Review


BC.Game Overview

Fun, secure, reliable. BC.Game casino is our favorite.


Overall Rating

Bonuses 5/5

Look & Feel 4/5

Licensing & Safety 5/5

Game Selection 5/5

Payment Options 5/5

Customer Support 5/5


Established 2017

License Curacao

Bonus Up to 5 BTC

Wagering Requirement Yes

No-Deposit Bonus No

Live Chat Yes

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Meet Jure, a crash gambling expert with 5+ years of experience in the genre and an advocate for responsible play. With a deep understanding of crash gambling odds, strategies, games, and risk, Jure has helped countless players demystify game mechanics and RNGs. Outside of work, Jure likes nothing more than a good road trip.
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Could this be the best online casino for playing crash? We certainly think so. Responsive, provably fair, fun as heck, and customizable is how we would describe our hands-on crash gambling experience at this casino. And our reviewers loved their no-fuss deposits with more than 90 cryptocurrencies, amazing welcome bonuses, daily rewards and VIP perks. BC.Game also gets our recommendation due to their hassle-free withdrawals and amazing customer support.

Pros & Cons

  • +
    Incredible, 1% house edge games
  • +
    Amazing welcome bonuses
  • +
    90 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • +
    Many provably fair games, including crash
  • +
    Stellar chat rooms
  • +
    Daily free spins and other promotions
  • +
    In-house crypto exchange
  • +
    Support for 13 fiat currencies
  • +
    Incredible customer support
  • -
    At times, they require KYC


Finding Coco, Lucky Spin and generous welcome bonus packages…The promos never end!


Welcome Bonus Package

Fun at BC.Game casino starts with a generous welcome bonus. I like the fact that they offer an entire welcome bonus package instead of just a simple welcome bonus offer.

bc.game welcome bonus

Here’s the breakdown of their current offering.

  • Up to 180% match on your 1st deposit
    Deposit at least $10 (or crypto equivalent) and get up to 20,000 BCD in bonus value!
  • Up to 240% match on your 2nd deposit
    Deposit at least $50 (or crypto equivalent) and get up to 40,000 BCD in bonus value!
  • Up to 300% match on your 3rd deposit
    Deposit at least $100 (or crypto equivalent) and get up to 60,000 BCD in bonus value!
  • Up to 360% match on your 4th deposit
    Deposit at least $200 (or crypto equivalent) and get up to 100,000 BCD in bonus value!

Feeling welcome yet? I sure was.

Once you deposit your cryptocurrency of choice and decide to take advantage of the amazing welcome bonuses, you get a deposit bonus in BCD.

Let me explain. BCD is BC.Game’s exclusive exchangeable platform token. Each BCD is equivalent to 1 USD and can be spent on any of the games on BC.Game.

Let’s say you decide to deposit 400$ as your 1st deposit. BC.Game will grant you 1080 BCD in bonuses. However, before you can access those 1080 BCD, you have to unlock them. Here’s is how to unlock BC.Game BCD coins.

That might seem complicated and tough to achieve, but it’s actually a fair system. In return, BC.Game never locks up your initial deposit and they don’t apply any restrictions on which games you can wager to unlock the bonus.

What is a wager on BC.Game?

A wager on BC.Game and every other casino for that matter, simply means a bet. Placing wagers means the exact same as placing bets. Same meaning, different expressions.

The locked bonus BCD will eventually drip into your account and there’s no better feeling!

BC.Game Bonus Codes (ex Shitcodes)

Yes, Shitcodes. That is not a typo. BC.Game was known for its infamous Shitcodes. Experienced gambles like us still remember them. However, they were recently replaced with bonus codes. For those of you that are new to the scene, Bonus Codes offer just as many benefits!

You can find BC.Game bonus codes in:

  • BC.Game’s chatroom (people share them all the time)
  • BC.Game forum (recommended place to look)
  • Social media pages
  • Special announcements and campaigns

Each bonus code will give you a nice drop of $ to your account balance. You can insert the Bonus Codes when you sign up or after you have signed up. Just visit the “Promotions” page and insert the code.

Other BC.Game Promotions

bc.game bonus hub
The number of promotions and bonuses on BC.Game is just ridiculous!

Daily and Weekly Quests

BC.Game is well-known for putting the fun back into gambling. To motivate your crash gambling endeavors, BC.Game sets up a list of daily and weekly quests. Complete the tasks and earn additional BCD!

You even get rewarded when you verify your email, upload a custom avatar, enable 2FA and more. I liked the fact that they award you as you secure your account. Great tactics.

Rakeback Bonus

Once you get to VIP level 14, having fun at BC.Game becomes even more profitable. Whether you are winning or losing, their Rakeback bonus acts as a cashback fund to help you recover from those few bad rounds of Crash. Sounds incredible right? I certainly think so.

BC.Game Medals And Recharge Bonuses

Once you reach level 22 and you wager at least $1000 in the past 7 days, you are eligible for a recharge bonus. The bonus amount is calculated based on your weekly wins and losses and VIP level. You can then collect the recharge bonuses on daily, weekly, or 10 minute intervals!

To make things even more interesting. BC.Game grants you Master Medals! To achieve these medals, complete certain tasks. What’s in it for you? Free BCD and publicly displayed medals in BC.Game’s chat and profile.

Lucky Spins, Super Spins & Mega Spins

Ready for a daily Lucky Spin? You can win up to 5 BTC to fuel your crash gambling bankroll. In fact, when writing this, the Lucky Spin awarded me 14$.

The best part? You don’t need to do anything to access these funds; it’s essentially a BC.Game no-deposit bonus and free money!

Daily Roll Competition, Finding Coco and Making it Rain!

There is just no end to their promotions. You can start your day by participating in the daily egg-roll game. The higher your roll count, the bigger the awards.

As you play Crash, BC.Game’s crocodile Coco will randomly show up somewhere on your screen for 10 minutes at a 6-hour interval. Click on Coco to get free BCD.

 bc game crocodile coco
Coco might drop down from the top of the casino dressed as a Spide-Man, you never know!

To finish things off, I want to point out that being social pays off on this platform. Every six hours, six random players in the chatroom will receive “water” in the form of free cryptocurrencies! Ensure you send at least one message in the chatroom to participate daily!

BC.Game’s VIP Program

I’ve kept the best for last. To prove why BC.Game is my favorite online casino for playing Crash, I have to mention their VIP program.

I’ve already mentioned VIP levels and some exclusive promotions you can participate in as you reach new levels.

Being a VIP club member will unlock additional bonuses, giveaways, cash backs, better customer support, and even real-life all-expense-paid trips (insane!).

For each wagered $1, you will receive 1 XP. The more experience points you gather, the better the bonuses. There are 5 different VIP-level cards and 14 secret VIP treasures.

  • Bronze Card (levels 2-7)
  • Silver Card (levels 8-21)
  • Gold Card (levels 22-37)
  • Platinum Card (levels 38-69)
  • Diamond Card (SVIP members)

The more you play, the faster you progress. Once you reach the Diamond Card level, the bonuses don’t even feel like real life anymore. I have not seen anything like this. Ever.

Engaging, Simple, Fun.

The words in this title best describemy perception of BC.Game’s welcome bonuses and promotional campaigns.

During my BC.Game review process, I received several no-deposit bonuses (free spins, finding Coco, Rain awards), a generous welcome bonus, and the chances for free gifts only increase as you climb the VIP ladder.

On top of that, all these bonuses were free from hidden terms, restrictions, and conditions. They truly appreciate their customers. It doesn’t get any better than that in the online casino world. I’m always delighted to see that.

Look & Feel

Sleek, smooth, intuitive with great graphics.


BC.Game takes things further by offering a Chrome browser app. This further improves the responsiveness and gaming experience. It shows how dedicated their team is to a good casino experience.

Regarding the gaming experience, I liked the following UX aspects in addition to great design and illustrations.

  • Easily accessible wallet and profile settings. They are clearly visible in the top menu.
  • The fact that you can send DMs to other players. It gave us a sense of community.
  • The chat room is available in multiple languages. Players from each country get their own chat room. Great thinking BC.Game.
  • I did not experience any bugs, poorly translated pages, or other elements of poor UX.

The image below shows a quick look at the interface once you are logged in.

bc.game desktop interface
BC.Game’s main interface is clean, dark, and modern! Just how I like it.

The left-hand sidebar menu offers everything you might want in an online casino.

You are able to access all the available daily and seasonal promotions at the top (don’t forget about those daily free spins). A few pixels lower, you will find your way into the casino, sports betting platform, or lottery booth.

Furthermore, I was impressed by their detailed explanation of the provably fair gambling concept and the buttons that lead you to their forums and blog. This instills feelings of trustworthiness and transparency. You don’t see that every day.

Gaming Experience on BC.Game Casino

When I conduct anonymous casino reviews, security, and gaming experience are my top concerns. The gaming experience in BC.Game’s Casino was remarkable. How those games perform in the casino is even more important than the game selection.

Both live and video games work flawlessly on BC.Game. Your internet connection must be able to carry the load for a good experience in an online casino.

cash or crash game
Live crash games like “Cash or Crash” by Evolution Gaming require a stronger internet connection.

I had no problems wagering my funds in any of the available games. The connection from your wallet to the games is instant and fault-free, and the same goes for the winnings.

Despite the vast game selection, I could find out favorite crash games quickly. I also liked the fact that the majority of games offered free-to-play. This allowed us to try the games before I used real money.

Crash Gaming Experience

When playing crash, responsiveness is critical. Lagging and delays can quickly ruin your chances of winning or missing out on a 100X round of crash.

Simpler crash games, like the one from BC.Game Originals, are my favorite in terms of gaming experience.

bc game crash high multiplier
BC.Game’s original crash game features a simple rising chart line.

Simple visuals and a responsive wagering user interface give you the tools you need to catch those high multipliers. On the other hand, some of the more visually advanced crash games, like Balloon by Smartsoft Gaming, require a stronger internet connection and more computing power.

If you are playing on a weaker device or with a weaker internet connection, I suggest sticking to a simpler crash game.

BC.Game On Mobile

If you want to play on the go, mobile experience matters. A part of our review was dedicated to playing different games on various mobile browsers and devices.

To see exactly how I evaluate the gaming experience at online casinos, check out our review processes page to learn more!

bc game casino on mobile
BC.Game is one of the rare casinos out that offers an app!

Here’s what I found:

  • Their native mobile browser app UX is nearly perfect. All the buttons are big enough to prevent misplacing a bet or making a mistake when depositing funds.
  • The browser app operated without any hesitation. As long as I was using a good internet connection, there were 0 issues with lag or unresponsiveness.
  • Live games, such as Cash Or Crash, need a stronger internet connection to provide a smooth video stream and betting experience. Keep that in mind.
  • BC.Originals Crash game worked smoothly throughout the days of my mobile testing. No problems here!
  • Certain games are not supported on mobile. Iwish this was more clearly indicated.

BC.Game Mobile App

If you’ve read carefully, you’ve seen I already mentioned a “native mobile browser app”. If you’re wondering what that is, I can’t blame you. Since Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store do not allow for gambling apps, BC.Game found a way to circumvent those barriers.

Here is how to install BC.Game’s mobile app both on Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices.


  1. Go to BC.Game in Google Chrome mobile browser
  2. Tap the menu button in the top right corner of the browser
  3. Click the “Install App” option in the dropdown menu

Apple (iOS):

  1. Open BC.Game in Apple’s Safari mobile browser
  2. Click the share button in the bottom menu bar of the browser
  3. Click the “Add to Home Screen” option within the sharing options

That’s it! You no longer need to open up your browser and look up the casino’s website to have fun. Simply click the app on your home screen and get playing!

Below is a few more examples of this casino’s amazing interface!

interface 2
interface 3
interface 3
interface 5

Game Selection

Trenball crash, classic crash and even a live crash game? Yep. Keep reading.


With games from over 100 amazing game providers, there is no chance you will be bored at the BC.Game casino.

I will start by exploring my game of choice, Crash, further.

BC.Originals Crash

BC’s own BC.Originals crash game is, in many ways, the perfect crash game. Here is my short review.

bc game crash game
BC.Game’s original crash game may looks simple, but it packs a punch!

I loved the fact that it…

✅ It works flawlessly. No lag, crashing, or bugs.
✅ It is provably fair. In fact, it’s one of the best provably fair crash games.
✅ The multipliers are great. That’s why you’ll find it on our list of biggest crash wins ever!
✅ Automation. A simple user interface provides easy betting & payout automation.
✅ Advanced scripts and strategies. Play with self-developed crash game scripts and strategies.
✅ Incredible 99% RTP and low 1% house edge. It’s no wonder it topped our list of best high RTP crash games.

And I felt that…

❌ The graphics and visuals could be better. Just a line? You can do better BC.Game.
❌ Proving fairness should be simple. There are clear instructions, but others do it better.
❌ Maximum bets and maximum profits vary greatly depending on the currency used to bet.

If you don’t mind the lack of advanced graphics, BC.Originals Crash is very close to my idea of a perfect crash game.

BC.Originals Trenball Crash

Visually the Trenball Crash game is the same. The concept remains the same as well. However, instead of placing a bet and cashing out before the multiplier crashes, you can place 3 different bets.

  • Bet Red
    Place a bet on team Red Bear if you think the multiplier won’t climb higher than 2X. If it doesn’t, you win a 1,96X payout. Bravo!
  • Bet Green
    If you think the multiplier will crash somewhere between 2X and 10X, Green Bull is your team! Winning the bet will reward you with a 2X payout on your placed bet.
  • Bet Moon
    Feeling risky? Place your bet on the moon and win a 10X payout if the multiplier soars above 10X. This is not for the faint-hearted.
bc game trenball crash

Trenball Crash is nothing more than a fun new way to play crash once the classic game becomes a bit boring. Rest assured, our anonymous reviewers were never bored.

Cash Or Crash by Evolution Gaming

How does winning a 50,000X multiplier sound like? Amazing right? Playing Cash Or Crash by Evolution Gaming makes it possible.

In this live casino Crash game show, a single bet will enter you into a game of climbing a 20-step ladder. The higher you get, the bigger the payout multiplier!

cash or crash live game show presenter

How to climb? Easy.

Each time a green ball gets drawn, you move up a step. However, you should fear the red ball. If red gets drawn, you tumble down to earth and start again. But wait! If you collect a gold ball, she protects you from the next red ball!

This game revolutionizes the classic crash game concept and brings in a whole new level of fun.

Balloon by SmartSoft Gaming

You know that feeling when you’re trying to blow up a balloon to its maximum limit? It can pop at any moment, and that’s exactly the idea behind SmartSoft Gaming’s Balloon crash game.

The longer you’re willing to hold the pink inflate button, the bigger the payout multiplier.

balloon crash game
Despite being a very simple crash game, it offers very thrilling gameplay!

Other Games on BC.Game

Even though crash is my favorite, I could never recommend a casino that would not offer anything else besides Crash. With BC.Game, that is hardly an issue.

I even listed BC.Game casino as one of the top game providers for games like crash gambling!

BC.Game offers a variety of games from world-class game providers like BGaming, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, and more than 90 others.

best games on bc game casino
These are just some of the 1000+ other games at BC.Game casino.

BC.Game used to lack behind brands like Stake in terms of game selection, however, with the introduction of their exclusively provably fair BC.Originals games, they are making strong efforts to keep up with the competition and even overtake them!

Here is what you’re in for.

Live Casino Games

Are you craving a real-life casino experience? Nothing will get you closer than live casino games.

Games, hosted by live dealers and developed by top-tier game providers will take you straight from your living room to a virtual poker game.

Here’s what you can indulge in:

  • Live poker tables with real dealers
  • Live baccarat, dice, roulette, and even Lightning Roulette
  • Live game shows from Evolution Gaming, I already mentioned their Crash Or Cash
  • A classic game of traditional blackjack with real-life dealers

Not enough? Don’t worry, there are much more live games you can play with your cryptocurrencies.


BC.Game’s in-house brand games offer everything from Plinko, Crash, Dice to amazing Slots and Baccarat. Do you know what’s even better? Their insanely good RTP and low house edge.

GameHouse edgeRTP

Slots, Sports Betting & More

To make sure you never run out of things to do, BC.Game also offers a sportsbook with great odds and attractive options. If politics are your thing, you can even bet on that.

If that does not satisfy you, maybe 100s of other available slots, high volatility games, fishing casino games, and video games will. Trust us, some of our reviewers could not get enough!

Licensing & Safety

As safe and secure as online casinos come…


Let’s kick things off with the basics.

Is BC.Game a legit casino?

Yes, I can safely say that BC.Game casino is a legit casino. During my expert review, I haven’t encountered any reason to believe this isn’t a legitimate crypto crash casino.

Is BC.Game a Safe Casino For Playing Crash?

Is Playing Crash at BC.Game Provably Fair?

Good news! Both Crash and Trenball Crash from BC.Originals are provably fair. I have taken it upon myself to carry out a randomized test and verified more than 10 random rounds of BC.Game’s Crash.

All of the rounds I tested were proven to be fair, so there are no concerns on that part. In fact, every BC.Originals game is provably fair.

What does that mean exactly?

That means, that in no way can BC.Game casino manipulate the results of a game like Crash.

Through a process of cryptographic hashing, the casino is unable to tamper with the outcome of a game. A player can generate his own seed and check the fairness of a game in real-time.

You can read more about BC.Game’s dedication to improving the fairness of Crash game here.

Is There a KYC Requirement at BC.Game Casino?

KYC or “Know-Your-Customer” is a process of checking your government-issued identification and residence documents, Casino’s are obliged to do this if there is a suspicion of money laundering or if you’re making big withdrawals.

Does BC.Game require KYC? The best way to answer that question is to check BC.Game’s terms of service. They clearly state:

“BC.GAME reserves the right, at any time, to ask for any KYC documentation it deems necessary to determine the identity and location of a User. BC.GAME reserves the right to restrict service and payment until identity is sufficiently determined.”

BC.Game Terms & Conditions

Here’s what this means and what I have experienced:

  • BC.Game did not ask us for any documents or payment method verification at sign-up.
  • They did not block us from playing unless I provided documents.
  • When I withdrew my funds, they did not demand I submit to a KYC process.
  • They hold a right to confirm your identity and residence location at any given time.

I liked the fact that their terms of service clearly state their stance on KYC. This leaves no room for confusion and bad feelings.

Is BC.Game Annonymous?

No online casino is 100% anonymous, blockchain is not private by nature. However, I will say that…

  • At NO stage of my BC.Game casino review was I asked to provide personal information.
  • Other players report the same experience and praise BC.Game for its dedication to anonymity.

However, as I said earlier, there is always a possibility that BC.Game asks you to confirm your identity and residence through a KYC process. Compared to casinos like Roobet, BC.Game offers much more anonymity.

Let’s put it this way, BC.Game is as private and secure as licensed online casinos come. I can’t say the same for some of the BC.Game alternatives.

Payment Options

Let’s talk money.


Whether you hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or any other altcoin, there is a good chance that BC.Game supports it. This true crypto casino supports all of the major stablecoins (like Tether) and altcoins.

Here are just some of the cryptocurrencies that are accepted at BC.Game casino:

  • BTC
  • LTC
  • BCD
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • DOGE
  • TRX
  • LINK
  • ALGO
  • FIL
  • USDT
  • JB

… and the list goes on and on, there are many more cryptocurrencies supported.

You might have noticed BCD in there, and I already mentioned BCD when I talked about the amazing bonuses.

You can use BCD for all the games, sports bets, lottery tickets and other activities on BC.Game. You can also convert BCD into any other cryptocurrencies at any given time.

BC.Game JB Coins

One of the cryptocurrencies you’ll find in BC.Game casino is JB. As soon as you sign up to BC.Game, your wallet is going to be full of these coins.

So what are JB Coins?

Even though they have no real-life value and they don’t count towards your VIP level, they are still a great way to try out all of BC’s original games or test out various crash gambling strategies without risking real money.

Can You Buy Cryptocurrencies at BC.Game?

Yep, the fun just does not stop at BC.Game.

They offer multiple services that allow you to use your Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Visa/Mastercard to purchase several available cryptocurrencies directly in their casino. This means you don’t need to search for a reputable crypto exchange before you can play. Amazing.

NFTs and BC.Game

I told you that BC.Game just keeps getting better and better, right? That’s right, to further expand their payment options BC.Game casino also accepts the following NFTs:

  • BAYC
  • Degenpass
  • CryptoPunks
  • CloneX
  • Azuki
  • Doodles
  • Mfers
  • MekaVerse

Once you deposit your NFT from any of the collections above, you can split that NFT in 1000 mNFT particles. These are then available for gambling in their USD value.

This feature, though, is still fairly new so I can’t really give you too much info. But I am keeping my eyes open for further developments.

Can I Deposit Fiat Currencies in BC.Game Casino?

BC.Game used to be a crypto-only online casino, but it has since added support for 13 national fiat currencies.

This includes:

  • Russian ruble
  • Japanese yen
  • Brazilian real
  • Indian rupee
  • Thai baht
  • Mexican peso

And more.

Withdrawal Limits and Fees

No one wants to play Crash at a greedy casino, I am certainly one of them. Here is how BC.Game is going to treat you as you withdraw your winnings.

  • Transaction fees vary with each cryptocurrency (average BTC transaction fee is 0.000067 BTC)
  • There are no casino fees
  • The average withdrawal time is 10 minutes
  • Maximum withdrawal time is 6 hours
  • There are no limits on deposits
  • KYC is only triggered with bigger withdrawals

There you go! BC.Game truly is a no-limits online casino. In our experience, the transactions were incredibly fast and withdrawals were 100% hassle-free. No complaints here!

Customer Support

We haven’t seen a help desk like this in a while.


The best way to test the customer support of a casino is to, well, contact customer support. For the sake of the experiment, I decided to ask live customer support a quick question.

customer support

The response was nothing short of amazing. I learned that they offer customer support in all 19 available languages in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, but they also offer customer support via:

  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Forum
  • Help desk

Out of all, I was most impressed by their incredible help desk. Filled with information on just about any possible topic, their help desk is something all online casinos should strive towards.

I’ve seen a lot of people inquiring about BC.Game’s customer care phone number or helpline number. I’m sorry to report that BC.Game does not currently offer customer support over the phone.

Other forms of customer support are available 24/7 and dedicated to resolving your issue as soon as possible!

To keep things fresh and their customers updated with the latest information, BC.Game is also present on these social platforms.

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