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Updated: 7 May 2024

Earnbet Review


Earnbet Overview

Earnbet is the sleeping beauty of online casino, it's a jewel in disguise!


Overall Rating

Bonuses 4/5

Look & Feel 5/5

Licensing & Safety 4/5

Game Selection 5/5

Payment Options 3/5

Customer Support 4/5


Established 2018

License Curacao

Welcome Bonus Yes

Wagering Requirement Yes, 50X

No-Deposit Bonus No

Live Chat Yes

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About the Author
Meet Jure, a crash gambling expert with 5+ years of experience in the genre and an advocate for responsible play. With a deep understanding of crash gambling odds, strategies, games, and risk, Jure has helped countless players demystify game mechanics and RNGs. Outside of work, Jure likes nothing more than a good road trip.

Transparency, safety, fairness. It’s what makes this decentralized casino shine. Earnbet might look and feel simplistic with their modes game selection, but trust us, it’s a casino you don’t want to skip. Not only is Earnbet decentralized, which ensures you with higher levels of transparency from the get-to, it’s also Curacao licensed. To make your journey even more rewarding, each bet you place at Earnbet earns you BET tokens which can be staked and utilized as passive income for life. Sounds good, right? Sure does to us!

Pros & Cons

  • +
    Decentralized casino
  • +
    High RTP games
  • +
    Native BET token rewards
  • +
    Enticing VIP program
  • +
    Welcome bonus
  • +
    Unmatched transparency
  • +
    Provably fair platform
  • -
    Only 1 crash game
  • -
    Customer support needs improvement
  • -
    Limited payment options

Crash Games


Honestly, these are amazing bonuses for a decentralized casino!


Before we dive into the promotions of Earnbet, we have to point out that EarnBet is a decentralized casino. A decentralized casino operates directly on the blockchain and not on a centralized server. Decentralized casinos offer greater transparency, enhanced security, lower fees, faster transaction times, and greater privacy.

Why are we telling you all this?

Because it’s not common that you see bonuses and promotions at all with decentralized casino dApps. But Earnbet isn’t your typical decentralized casino, and that’s exactly why it got on our radar in the first place.

Welcome to Earnbet!

To ensure you feel welcome, Earnbet is giving away a $50 bonus to all players that deposit at least $100!

earnbet signup bonus

Sure, when you compare this bonus to that of BC.Game casino (5 BTC welcome bonus) it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s better than nothing, right? Remember, this is a decentralized casino, not your typical crypto casino.

How do you get this bonus? Good question.

  1. Create a free account at Earnbet!
    It only takes a few seconds, which is great.
  2. Deposit at least $100!
    Remember, you only get the $50 bonus if you deposit $100 or more.
  3. Start playing!
    There’s a 50x wagering requirement to unlock your bonus if you play crash, and a 167x wagering requirement if you play blackjack.

That is it for the welcome bonus, while it is modest, it’s not the only benefit you get from playing at Earnbet. Let’s move on!

Weekly Leaderboard

Weekly rewards are usually a player’s favorite. Nothing feels better than getting a juicy reward to get your week going.

earnbet weekly leaderboard

Each week, the top 10 players from Earnbet’s leaderboard win 10,000 BET tokens, and there’s also $3000 that Earnbet shares amongst the top 10 players. But that’s not all, as long as you’re in the top 50, you also get rewarded, cha-ching!

How to participate? Just play!

The players that collect the most points at the end of the week win. Super simple, just how we like it!

VIP Members Club

Since 2021, Earnbet opened up an exclusive club for VIPs. This VIP program is based on an invite-only concept, but you can expect an invitation once you pass a certain wagering requirement (there’s no information on what that requirement is).

earnbet vip
If you plan on being a high roller, contact Earnbet right away to get an invite ASAP.

Once you get in the club, Earnbet really makes you feel like a VIP. Here are all the perks you can expect:

  • Personal VIP manager
  • Exclusive VIP-only giveaways
  • Sneek-peaks into future updates
  • Priority customer support
  • Additional cashback support
  • Priority voting rights on future updates

Personally, we can’t believe Earnbet is prepared to give additional cashback to their VIPs. With house edge being as low as 0,5%, an additional cashback really seems downright crazy!

We have no problems comparing this VIP program with the best ones out there. Only Stake Casino’s VIP program can match this one, really.

Reduced House Edge & BET Tokens

Yes, you’ve read that right. Despite offering casino and a crash game with one of the lowest house edges out there, Earnbet offers additional BET token rewards that allow you to reduce the house edge on all games even further.

What is a BET token, you ask?

But the best thing about BET tokens is the fact that you don’t even need to buy them. With each real money bet you place on Earnbet, you receive BET tokens for free! And those BET tokens give you benefits for life. Yep, for life!

You see, BET tokens are not just a crypto that Earnbet came up with, no no, BET tokens are an investment into the Earnbet platform. If you decide to stake your BET tokens, you can:

  • Reduce your house edge!
    Play Crash and other games with a house edge as low as 0,5%!
  • Earn dividends for life!
    100% of the profit from Earnbet.io is returned to BET token stakers. The more you stake, the more you rake in! This is about as passive as passive income gets!
  • Join the BET gaming network!
    Earnbet has grown from a modest decentralized casino into a gaming network. All BET stakers get access to exclusive perks in the BET gaming network.

Aside from Rollbit Casino, there’s no casino taking their native tokens to such a level.

The fact that you can further reduce the house edge on games with already breathtakingly low house edge is outstanding, good job, Earnbet!

Look & Feel

Clean, simple, and easy to navigate, it works for us!


Compared to casinos like Roobet or Thunderpick, Earnbet seems like a deserted island. But is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.

As we said before, Earnbet is a decentralized casino that completely changes the entire approach to the market and the games it can offer. Because of that, the casino might seem a bit empty and without as many functions, but in its own class of decentralized casino dApps, it’s incredible.

earnbet casino desktop

On a desktop device, the interface of Earnbet is fairly similar to casinos like Bitsler or Metaspins. The only difference is that at the center of the casino, you simply have all 5 games they offer upfront. There are no game categories, live wins, or anything like that.

In the top bar menu of the casino is where you’ll find your wallet and deposit button, your sound and language settings, and last but not least, your account settings.

In the bottom right corner, there are two buttons. One opens up the player’s chatroom, and the other opens up the weekly leaderboard, which we just talked about. You can also switch between the two once you open them up.

Design is always subjective, but we like the minimalistic approach and the clean design. Everything is super easy to find, which is what we ultimately want and need.

Earnbet Mobile App

Just like every other top-rated crash gambling site we reviewed, Earnbet also does not have a dedicated iOS or Android mobile app. But what they do have is a native mobile browser app.

earnbet mobile
Earnbet looks just as good on mobile as ti does on dekstop.

Earnbet’s mobile browser app is up there with the best. It’s smooth, easy to navigate, and well adapted to just about any mobile browser we tried (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari), and it fits well on various mobile screen sizes (we tried it on an iPhone 6S, iPhone 13 PRO and the Samsung S22).

All the functions and settings are positioned exactly as they are on the desktop version of the casino, so there’s no learning curve or confusion if you switch between mobile and desktop.

You might notice that there is no mobile sticky menu on the bottom, but in all honesty, Earnbet does not need one since it’s not as filled with functions and pages and things.

Gaming Experience at Earnbet

Earnbet only offers 5 games, one of which is crash, so we think this is the first time on Crash Gambler where we can say that we truly play-tested all the games thoroughly. We’re used to seeing at least 1000 different games in every casino we review, so you understand why it’s rare that we can actually test each game.

Both the mobile and desktop gaming experience turned out to be outstanding. There were no betting delays, game crashes, or any other issues that our reviewers would take notice of.

Since this is Crash Gambler, we paid special attention to Earnbet’s original crash game. Due to its lightweight design, this game remained smooth on both older and newer mobile and desktop devices, and it was also smooth when we tried it on a 3G mobile connection and a weak Wifi connection.

All the games are well adapted for mobile gaming. The buttons are big enough to prevent misclicking or failing to place bets, and the game’s interface remains big enough to enjoy the action.

Game Selection

There’s only 1 crash game, it's a good one, but still...


Yeah, you’ve read that right. I know we can be spoiled by casinos like Crashino that offer 20+ crash games, but in some cases, and definitely, when you’re dealing with a decentralized casino, 1 crash game is considered satisfactory.

Crash by Earnbet

Named simply Crash by Earnbet’s, this is the original crash game from Earnbet at the same time, the only crash game at this casino. Let’s cover what we like first:

✅ The RTP of Earnbet crash is 98,5%, and you can increase it by staking BET tokens!
✅ The game is 100% Provably fair, here’s the proof
✅ The minimum multiplier is 1,01X!
✅ The maximum multiplier is a staggering 1,000,000X!
✅ There are a lot of betting automation features!

earnbet crash game

Despite the fact that this is a decentralized crash dApp, we would still expect a more pleasing visual interface.

The game animations and sound effects feel like they’ve been taken from a 90s Nintendo game, and it doesn’t feel retro, just outdated. We definitely think that compared to games like Roobet Crash that feature incredible design and animations, this is a major letdown.

We also need to talk about the maximum win limits of this game. We don’t usually bother with such details, but we have to here. The maximum win limit varies from currency to currency.

For example, if you choose to play with Bitcoin, the maximum win limit is just 0.25BTC which is approx $6900 at the current price of Bitcoin (May 2023). If you choose to play with Tether, the maximum win is a bit higher at $8250. BC.Game’s original crash game offers much, much higher win limits in comparison.

Do we recommend you try this game? Most definitely. The safety and transparency benefits of decentralized games greatly outweigh the cons of this game. The game limits are indeed a bit low, but they are still high enough for the majority of crash gamblers out there.

Other Games At Earnbet

There are 4 other games you can dip your feet in at this casino, and they are all classics. You can see the entire game library in the image below.

game selection at earnbet

Earnbet included some of the crypto casino favorites, which are as you would expect, crash, blackjack, and baccarat. All games feature an incredibly low house edge, and there’s also a way to lower that house edge by staking BET coins.

earnbet jackpot
The reward is definitely inviting, right?

The Jackpot feature you can see in both images above is something that you don’t “play”, but you definitely can participate in. You can buy a Jackpot ticket in every game on Earnbet, it costs 0.825 USDT, but it can win you a whopping $66,587.25 right now! Amazing!

Licensing & Safety

Decentralized and licensed, the perfect combo? We think so.


It’s true, Earnbet isn’t the only decentralized casino out there, but do you know what makes them stand out? It’s the fact they are a legit decentralized casino. Here are more details.

Is Earnbet a licensed casino?

Yes, Earnbet holds a valid Curacao gambling license. That is the same license that the majority of our top-rated casinos for crash gambling hold. It allows Earnbet to operate worldwide, and it guarantees your safety.

To make sure your data is safe with Earnbet, the entire casino website uses a 256-bit site-wide data encryption technology.

Earnbet is Decentralized, So it Must be Anonymous, Right?

We understand your train of thought, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Even though we were never asked to provide our id or proof of residence, Earnbet still holds the right to check your documentation through a Know-Your-Customer or KYC process.

Here’s a direct quote from Earnbet’s terms & conditions:

EarnBet reserves the right to use additional procedures and means to verify your identity (KYC) when effecting deposits into an Account and to close an Account if you fail to send these documents to EarnBet…; You may have to provide your KYC documents upon withdrawal.

While we do understand that people seek out decentralized casino dApps to remain 100% anonymous, it’s risky participating in unlicensed casinos because nothing is stopping the owners from closing up shop and getting away with your funds.

Earnbet provides you with all the benefits of decentralized casinos (transparency, fairness, enhanced security, lower fees, faster transaction times), but because they carry a valid license, they can’t guarantee you complete anonymity.

Is Earnbet Fair?

Yes, all games at Earnbet casino are 100% provably fair. We’ll leave it to Earnbet to explain how their random number generator works:

You submit a seed with your bet, which gets hashed with a unique, sequential bet_id. That hash is then signed by a key pair on our server. The contract knows the public key, and then verifies that this signature is correct. Due to the intricacies of ECC, this signature must be unique and random. This is then used for a provably fair random number. All results can be verified on the blockchain.

If you scroll to the bottom of the casino’s homepage, you’ll find a little fairness notice.

If you click this “Fairness” link, you can set your own seed value, which is then used to generate randomized results across the Earnbet platform.

Where Is Earnbet Legal?

According to Earnbet’s terms and conditions, each player is responsible for checking for themselves if online and crypto gambling is legal in their country.

Earnbet’s Curacao license allows them to operate in almost all countries of the world, however, certain countries or states can have internal regulators and you must follow their rules.

Their terms & conditions also say the following:

You are not allowed to register on the Website and use our services if you are a resident of Curacao, France, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, Spain, St Maarten, Statia, U.S.A or the U.S.A dependencies, Ukraine, United Kingdom. We reserve the right to refuse customers from any other countries over and above the aforementioned jurisdictions at our own discretion.

Is Earnbet Legal in Canada?

Yes, Earnbet is legal in Canada, with the exception of the Ontario province, which demands a separate gambling license for crypto casinos, and Earnbet doesn’t have one.

Payment Options

Built on the blockchain for blockchain lovers!


Earnbet is a crypto casino only. You won’t find fiat currencies even being mentioned here, let alone used. Here are your options for deposits:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tether
  • Ripple
  • Tron
  • Binance Coin
  • EOS
  • USD Coin
  • DAI
  • Chainlink
  • WAX
  • BET Token

There is also no in-house exchange available, so you can’t buy cryptos at Earnbet with your Visa or Mastercard.

How To Make a Deposit at Earnbet?

Making your first deposit at Earnbet is incredibly simple. Here’s the full procedure in 5 steps.

  1. Login to Earnbet.
    If you don’t have an account yet, you can make one in literally seconds.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button at the top of the casino.
    Once you do, a new window should open where you can pick your cryptocurrency of choice.
  3. Select a cryptocurrency and copy the deposit address.
    Paste that deposit address in the withdrawal form of your existing wallet. Double-check everything so you don’t end up with no funds.
  4. Wait for your funds to arrive.
    Transaction speeds vary between each cryptocurrency. Here’s a list of the fastest cryptocurrencies. Transaction times at Earnbet are usually blazingly fast.
  5. Your funds are here, start playing!
    That’s it, easy – peasy! Enjoy!

Customer Support

We don’t like bots, Earnbet, we need real support, fast!


Problems usually come up when you least expect or need them. The same is true for online gambling. That is why we take customer support seriously. It’s not just a minuscule aspect of an online casino, it’s a big one.

To be completely honest, Earnbet left us with mixed feelings in terms of customer support.

Casinos like Bets.io offer real, human and highly responsive live chat support agents. Earnbet promises the same but delivers poorly.

We were only able to get in contact with real human live chat support agents a handful of times, on all other occasions, we had to file a ticket and wait for a response in our email inbox for hours. Not cool.

Alice will first ask what your issue is about and offer Earnbets an incredible FAQ and Blog page to resolve your issue (both the FAQ pages and the Blog are really well put together, so kudos to you, Earnbet).

If you have a more specific problem that isn’t covered by the FAQ, you’ll need to file a support ticket, or if you’re in luck, you’ll get connected to a live chat agent.

If you want to get in touch with Earnbet outside of the casino, we suggest you do that on:

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Meet Jure, a crash gambling expert with 5+ years of experience in the genre and an advocate for responsible play. With a deep understanding of crash gambling odds, strategies, games, and risk, Jure has helped countless players demystify game mechanics and RNGs. Outside of work, Jure likes nothing more than a good road trip.