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Updated: 19 June 2024

Rollbit Review


Rollbit Overview

An amazing casino, but not the best for crash gambling, that's the honest truth.


Overall Rating

Bonuses 3/5

Look & Feel 5/5

Licensing & Safety 4/5

Game Selection 3/5

Payment Options 5/5

Customer Support 5/5


Established 2020

License Curacao

Welcome Bonus No

Wagering Requirement Yes, for all bonuses

No-Deposit Bonus No

Live Chat Yes

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About the Author
Meet Jure, a crash gambling expert with 5+ years of experience in the genre and an advocate for responsible play. With a deep understanding of crash gambling odds, strategies, games, and risk, Jure has helped countless players demystify game mechanics and RNGs. Outside of work, Jure likes nothing more than a good road trip.

Rollbit, more like Yes, please. Boy, that was an awful attempt at a joke. However, one thing is for sure, Rollbit is no joke! This incredible cryptocurrency casino offers support for 18 cryptocurrencies and even NFTs. With an original crash game and an incredible rewards system, our reviewers could not get enough. The fun truly never ends at this casino. No, really, there are so many things to explore, we had to bring on more reviewers to get through it all. Trust us, this one is worth your time and cryptos!

Pros & Cons

  • +
    Incredible reward system
  • +
    NFT deposits
  • +
    Great casino interface
  • +
    Top-notch gaming experience
  • +
    Great mobile compatibility
  • +
    Original crash game
  • +
    Valid Curacao license
  • +
    No casino fees
  • +
    Incredible customer support
  • -
    Poor crash game selection
  • -
    No welcome bonus
  • -
    Lack of anonymity
  • -
    A scandalous history


Is there an end to these rewards?


Rollbit is not a casino that adheres to the way casinos usually do bonuses. Why? Well, for starters, there is no typical welcome bonus. But is that a bad thing? Not at all. Here’s what’s waiting for you at Rollbit in terms of rewards.

Rollbit Rewards

Rollbit attracts new players and keeps the regulars from switching casinos by offering incredible Rollbit rewards.

rollbit rewards

At the center of the Rollbits reward program is a 27-level ranking system. Every time you pass between a rank level, there’s a juicy rank-up bonus waiting for you, but you’ll need to wager quite a lot to level up.

But that’s not all that is waiting for you on the Rollbits rewards calendar. Yep, there’s a calendar in place at Riollbit that lets you know just how much you can expect to get in rewards each day at Rollbit.

Here’s a full breakdown of all the rewards that appear on the rewards calendar:

  • Rakeback Rewards
    All players on Rollbit get a 5% rakeback reward on all bets (similar to the Metaspins casino rakeback program). And what’s best is the fact that you can claim your 5% rakeback every 30 minutes. Half of that rakeback goes straight to your wallet, and the other half gets credited to the rewards calendar and you can claim it over the period of the next 3 days.
  • Daily Bonus
    Every 24 hours, Rollbit sends you a generous daily bonus. You have 72 hours to claim it and the amount you get is based on your daily wagered amount and your profit/loss ratio. The more you bet and the more you win, the better the bonus!
  • Weekly Bonus
    Everyone loves weekly bonuses, including us. And we’re happy to report that Rollbit offers one! A weekly bonus can be added to your rewards calendar once a week. The amount you get is calculated based on your activity and your profit and loss ratio.
  • Monthly Bonus
    Daily, weekly, monthly! It just makes sense, right? Once a month, based on your profit and loss statistics, Rollbit sends you a nice care package with a generous lossback reward. Nothing makes you feel as appreciated as a casino that gives you back a cut of your losses.
rollbit reward calendar
Waking up to new rewards each day is amazing!

Guess what we’re still not done, we just didn’t want to stretch that list out even further. Rollbit also spices things up with a little thing called Rakeboost.

Rakeboost is an upgrade to their rakeback bonus, and you can activate this boost when you claim certain bonuses.

  • New players (which could be you) get a 10% Rakeboost for a whole day!
  • Claim your Daily Bonus and get a 10% Rakeboost for an hour!
  • Claim your Weekly Bonus and get a 10% Rakeboost for an hour!
  • Claim your Monthly Bonus and get a 10% Rakeboost for an hour!
  • Each Rewards Calendar claim gives you a whopping 15% Rakeboost for an hour!

If you decide to buy a robot from Rollbit’s NFT collection called “Rollbots” you get an additional 10% rollback (same as rakeback) every 30 minutes.

Rollbit Daily $25,000 Race

We’ve heard about daily races before, Stake casino offers a $100k daily race, but you know what, Rollbits $25k daily race isn’t bad as well. Especially when you consider the fact that the first place gets $10,000!

rollbit daily race
Rollbit must have gotten the idea for their daily race from Stake casino.

While it is true that racing that #1 spot will be hard, it helps to know that the top 50 players will also be rewarded, so it’s quite possible you’ll get a reward once you start playing.

Free Sidebets

Certain slot games at Rollbit come with a thing called “Sidebets”. With Sidebets, you can bet on the outcome of the next round of the slot game. It’s like a betting inception, you are betting on an outcome of a bet.

rollbit side bets

Rollbit has a habit of regularly giving away free sidebets, especially knowing that new games are still being added to the sidebets category!

Bonus Battles

Rollbit is the only casino that allows you to create your own bonus opportunities. With bonus battles, you can play games that offer a “Bonus Buy” feature and compete with your friends or participate in one of the bonus battles that Rollbit organizes on a daily basis.

bonus battles at rollbit
Many players come and stay at Rollbit for the bonus battles alone, they are so good!

How do bonus battles work? Good question.

All the players participating in a bonus battle need to buy a bonus buy in a game that offers that function. During the time of this player vs. player battle, the one that wins the most takes everyone else’s bonus balance.

You are essentially betting on yourself to win with your bonus buy stake, and if you win, you take the bonus buy stake of everyone else. It’s a genius way to bring some excitement to online casinos!

Rollbit NFT Deposit Bonuses

Rollbit is known for having a gas-less NFT marketplace, where you can sell your NFTs, place bets with your NFTs or even buy NFTs. This feature alone is mind-blowing!

nft deposit bonus at rollbit

However, while it is true that there are no deposit bonuses for new players at Rollbit, there is a deposit bonus if you deposit an NFT from any of the eligible NFT collections. Here is a full list!

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club – $1000 Bonus Balance + 100K RLB
  • Crypto Punks – $600 Bonus Balance + 60K RLB
  • Beeple: Everydays – The 2020 Collection – $300 Bonus Balance + 30k RLB
  • Beeple – Genesis Collection – $300 Bonus Balance + 30k RLB
  • Beeple – Spring/Summer Collection 2021 – $300 Bonus balance + 30k RLB
  • NFTrees – $200 Bonus Balance + 20k RLB
  • RTFKT – CloneX Mintvial $200 Bonus Balance + 20k RLB
  • CyberKongz – $200 Bonus Balance + 20k RLB
  • Fluf World – $20 Bonus Balance + 2k RLB
  • Cool Cats – $200 Bonus Balance + 20k RLB
  • Doodles – $100 Bonus Balance + 10k RLB
  • Moonbirds – $200 Bonus Balance + 20k RLB
  • Clone X – $50 Bonus Balance + 5k RLB
  • Decentraland – $200 Bonus Balance + 20k RLB
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club – $150 Bonus Balance + 15k RLB
  • Invisible Friends Specials – $100 Bonus Balance + 10k RLB
  • Jadu Jetpack – $100 Bonus Balance + 10k RLB
  • Rumble Kong League – $30 Bonus Balance + 3k RLB
  • World of Women – $100 Bonus Balance + 10k RLB
  • Bored Ape Kennel Club – $100 Bonus Balance + 10k RLB
  • The Sandbox – $100 Bonus Balance + 10k RLB

Keep in mind that these bonus values may fluctuate and that there is a 5X wagering requirement for all bonus balances on Rollbit and a 1:1 wagering requirement for RLB (Rollbit Coin) balances.

Look & Feel

Not many casinos do it better, easy to navigate and smooth as butter!


From their Rollbot NFT collection to the casino interface, it’s more than clear that Rollbit has a strong team of designers keeping their casino in a visually appealing state.

Rollbit Casino’s interface doesn’t just look good, it’s also designed with great user experience in mind, and honestly, finding things could not be easier. Everything just makes sense!

rollbit on desktop

The top bar menu of the casino serves up the essentials: your wallet, account settings, a search function, and a shortcut to the rewards dashboard.

As soon as you look down at the center of the casino, you’ll find a quick info bar about your rewards system ranking and, below that, a dynamic view of all the exciting things you can find at Rollbit.

That includes a…

  • Live wins display
  • Selection of the most popular casino games
  • Shortcut to the crypto futures trading at Rollbit
  • Active and upcoming bonus battles
  • Daily bonuses display where you can see just how much some people are raking in
  • NFT loot boxes that are available for purchase

The left sidebar menu contains shortcuts to all the products that this casino offers, including the casino games, the clans page, their competitive sports betting platform, and the RLB lottery, which currently offers a jackpot worth over $600,000!

Last but not least, you’ll find your fun players’ chatroom on the right side of the screen, and that’s also where you’ll find the icon for the live chat customer support.

Rollbit Mobile App

We moved onto Rollbits mobile version of the casino expecting greatness, and we weren’t disappointed! Just like the desktop version of the casino, we can’t really complain about a single thing.

Rollbit does not offer a native iOS or Android app, but they do offer an amazing browser app that works smoothly in all mobile browsers we tested (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari), and it perfectly adapts to all screen sizes of mobile devices.

rollbit on mobile

Everything is just as easy to find on Rollbit mobile as it is on desktop.

You’ll find your wallet and the rewards page in the top bar menu, the central interface of the casino is the same, and all other essentials like shortcuts, account settings, and the chatroom are nicely tucked away in the bottom sticky bar menu.

Gaming Experience At Rollbit Casino

Nothing else matters in a casino if the gaming experience isn’t good. We’ve kept crash gambling at the center of our attention. We’ve tested the gaming experience both on mobile devices (iPhone 6S, iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22) and 3 different desktop devices.

We also played numerous live casino games, slots, and card games. None of our reviewers noticed any issues. There were no betting delays, game crashes, bugs, or anything that would lead us to believe that Rollbit doesn’t provide an amazing gaming experience.

Game Selection

There are only 3 crash games, Rollbit we need more!


As the subtitle suggests, yes, it’s true, we only found 3 crash games at Rollbit. Casinos like Crashino or BC.Game offer much more crash games, but more isn’t always better.

Here are the crash games you can find at Rollbit:

  • X Crash by Rollbit (Rollbit’s original crash game!)
  • Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming
  • Football Manager by Evo Play

A quick glance at the crash game selection looks promising, there’s an original crash which is always good, a live crash game, and a simple crash game. Not bad! Let’s have a closer look!

X Crash by Rollbit

The first look at Rollbit’s original crash game is promising. The features an impressive dragon-themed design and a whole lot of challenges that bring you nice rewards (for instance, you get $50 if you cash out at 1000X with a minimum bet of $0.10).

x crash by rollbit

And there are more things to be impressed about, for instance:

  • The maximum multiplier is 1,000,000X which is incredible!
  • The maximum profit in a single round is $100,000!
  • The game features provable fairness!

But we’re not so easily impressed, we were soon left disappointed when we found out that X Crash features an RTP of just 98%. That is significantly less than BC Originals Crash or Stake Originals Crash and their outstanding 99% RTP. However, it is still significantly better than Duelbits casinos‘ original crash game, which features an RTP of 95%.

The disappointment only continued when we saw the scarce selection of automated betting options. The only things you can do is set repeated bet placement and auto-cashout. Original crash games like Roobet Crash offer much more than that.

And last but not least, to check the fairness of the game, players need to execute Python code to verify the results of a game (which is super complicated). Rollbit, you can do better, come on!

Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming

The second game in Rollbit’s lineup of crash games is Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming. We’ve recently dedicated an entire week to a Cash or Crash game review, but we can’t leave you hanging without a short list of things that make this game so good.

cash or crash

Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming features:

  • One-of-a-kind, live-action crash gameplay
  • An RTP of up to 99,59%
  • Certifiably fair gameplay
  • Maximum win of $500,000
  • Interactive gameplay

This one is a must-try, and we’re glad Rollbit decided to feature this unique crash game!

Football Manager by Evo Play

Football Manager is about as basic as crash games come. If it wasn’t for the 98,20% RTP, we would have no problems saying you should just skip this game altogether. We think this game can only impress the die-hard football fans, we’ve only played for the sake of the review.

football manager crash game
Play or pass? We say pass.

Other Games At Rollbit

If you read our reviews, you’ll see that we like to say, “You won’t be bored at this casino any time soon”, but we really mean it when we say this about Rollbit. There are so many things going on at this casino, we don’t even know where to start!

Slot Games

To say that Rollbit is a slot game heaven is an understatement. With 1000s of slot games from the worlds best providers, there’s fun for days.

slot games

But that’s not all, there’s also plenty of slot games that offer sidebets and bonus buys which makes them eligible for bonus battles. Rollbit is known for keeping things interesting, and it’s definitely true!

Rollbit Originals

From crash to plinko and Jackpot, Rollbit is slowly but surely building up its collection of original crash games. They already offer some innovative games like Roller Coaster and NFT Lootboxes, and we’re sure things are only going to get better in the future.

rollbit original games

Rollbit Live Game Shows

We’ve already mentioned Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming, it’s the only live crash game show, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Rollbit carries an impressive selection of live casino game shows, and we’re here for it!

rollbit live game shows

Rollbit Table Games

Is a casino really worthy of the title if it doesn’t offer at least some classic casino table games? We think not! You’ll be happy to find a nice selection of both live and video table casino games at Rollbit. Jackpot, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, you name it, Rollbit’s got it!

table games

Sportsbook And Crypto Futures Trading

These last two offerings of Rollbit are not exactly games, but they sure are fun (and potentially rewarding).

Rollbit is known for the competitive odds in its sports and eSports betting platform. If you ever get bored with your casino routine or you simply like sports, you’ll be able to do all your betting right at Rollbit.


For those of you that hold crypto close to your hearts and love studying the charts and prices of certain crypto assets, you’re in for a wild ride. Rollbit’s futures trading allows you to place up to 1000x leveraged bets on the price movements of several cryptocurrencies.

Compared to a classic futures trading platform, Rollbit keeps things fun and simple. This is a unique offering from Rollbit and you won’t find any other crypto casino doing this at such scale. Incredible!

crypto futures trading

Licensing & Safety

Forget about that Rollbit licensing scandal, this casino is legit!


Just as important or perhaps even more as the gaming experience and game selection is safety. If you’re wondering if Rollbit is safe and secure, you’ve come to the right place.

Is Rollbit Legit and Safe?

Yes, based on our anonymous review, we can say that Rollbit is as legit and safe as crypto casinos come.

Rollbit operates under a valid Curacao gambling license and uses a 256-bit site-wide data encryption technology to ensure the data safety of their players.

There were recently rumors about Rollbits’ license, with some claiming that Rollbit operates without a valid gambling license. As of May 2023, we can safely say that Rollbit does operate under a valid Curacao license, so there’s nothing you need to worry about on that front.

Is Rollbit Casino Anonymous?

While we did not get asked to provide any documents when signing up, depositing, and withdrawing our Bitcoins deposit at Rollbit, it is wrong to claim that this casino is anonymous.

Because they are a licensed casino, Rollbit cannot guarantee complete anonymity. They have to comply with certain anti-fraud and anti-money-laundering policies, which demand that the casino executes a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process to ensure that they aren’t playing from a restricted area or under a false identity.

Rollbit’s AML policy clearly states:

Customer identification and verification (KYC)

The formal identification of customers on entry into commercial relations is a vital element, both for the regulations relating to money laundering and for the KYC policy.

This identification relies on the following fundamental principles:

A copy of your passport, ID card or driving license, each shown alongside a handwritten note displaying six randomly generated numbers. Also, a second picture with the face of the user/customer is required. The user/customer may blur out information to secure their privacy, besides the date of birth, nationality, gender, first name, second name and picture.

Can You Use a VPN at Rollbit?

Yes, you can use a VPN at Rollbit. However, you should not use a VPN in order to mask your real location and to play from a restricted area. VPNs are only allowed to enhance your safety when playing on a public Wifi network, for example.

Where is Rollbit Not Available?

According to Rollbit’s support pages, players from the following countries are prohibited from participating in Rollbit casino:

  • Aruba
  • Australia
  • Bonaire
  • Curacao
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Netherlands
  • Saba
  • Spain
  • St Maarten
  • Statia
  • U.S.A or the U.S.A dependencies
  • United Kingdom

There may also be additional geographical restrictions on certain games or game providers. The games that are prohibited in your location will be automatically unavailable.

Rollbit Reviews

While we do trust our reviewers to do a good job on their reports, it’s still important to check what the people are saying about Rollbit.

Despite a good measure of 1-star reviews from people who tend to complain about the rewards calendar or various other issues, Rollbit keeps a good reputation on Trustpilot.


Is Rollbit legal in Canada?

Yes, you can play at Rollbit in Canada. However, keep in mind that certain provinces of Canada (Ontario, for example) do come with separate gambling laws and restrictions.

It is up to you to learn about your local gambling legislation before you start playing.

Payment Options

If you got NFTs, Rollbit is the casino for you!


Rollbit is a pure crypto casino. They accept both cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but you can also buy both in the casino (more on that later). Let’s start with the basics.

You can deposit the following cryptocurrencies at Rollbit:

  • Bitcoin – BTC
  • Tether – USDT
  • Rollbit Coin – RLB
  • Ethereum – ETH
  • Litecoin – LTC
  • Solana – SOL
  • Chainlink – LINK
  • Crypto.com Coin – CRO
  • ApeCoin – APE
  • LooksRare – LOOKS
  • The Sandbox – SAND
  • Polygon – MATIC
  • Dai – DAI
  • Uniswap – UNI
  • Binance USD – BUSD
  • Wrapped ETH – WETH
  • USD Coin – USDC
  • Shiba Inu – SHIB

If you don’t have any of those on hand, you don’t need to look for a reliable exchange to buy them, Rollbit’s got you covered!

You can buy cryptocurrencies directly at the casino with your Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, or Google Pay through MoonPay, ChainBits, or Paybis. All three payment providers are reliable and safe.

Gamble With NFTs at Rollbit Casino

Just like BC.Game casino, Rollbit offers NFT deposits and withdrawals. You can also use your NFTs to play crash games or place sports bets!

You can deposit any NFT from the collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, Beeple, and many more. Check the entire support for NFTs at the NFT lobby of Rollbit!

Rollbit also features an NFT marketplace where you can trade, list, sell, and buy NFTs without expensive Ethereum network fees.

But that’s not all (sounding like a cheap infomercial right now) you can also stake, loan, bet and participate in games like the NFT Jackpot that are only meant for players with NFTs.

Rollbit Coin – What Is It?

If you’ve read carefully, you’ve already seen us mentioning the Rollbit Coin before. Rollbit Coin or RLB for short, is a cryptocurrency that serves as the official utility token of Rollbit Casino.

Rollbit players can use RLB to participate in the Rollbit lottery, where they have a chance to win a share of the casino’s profits. The lottery round happens every 100 Bitcoin blocks, and 100 lucky entrants will win prizes. Additionally, RLB can be used to earn rewards and bonuses on Rollbit Casino.

If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding way to use your cryptocurrency, give Rollbit Coin a try, go buy that lottery ticket now! You can win more than $600,000!

Speed of Deposits and Withdrawals at Rollbit

Keep in mind that transaction speeds may be lower in cases of blockchain network congestions.

On the other hand, we’re happy to report that there are no additional casino transaction fees on withdrawals and deposits. You only pay for the network fees of your chosen cryptocurrency!

Deposit And Withdrawal Limits at Rollbit

There are no minimum or maximum deposit limits at Rollbit; hooray! Just make sure you cover your transaction fees, and the rest of your funds should appear in your wallet in no time.

However, there are certain minimum withdrawal limits at Rollbit that you need to be aware of:

  • Bitcoin – The withdrawal amount must be higher than the current network fee
  • Ethereum – The withdrawal amount be higher than the current gas fee
  • Litecoin – 0.05 LTC
  • Solana – 0.01 SOL
  • Rollbit Coin – 1 RLB and on site balance to cover the network fee
  • NFTs – You need on site balance to cover the gas fee

There are no maximum withdrawal limits at this casino, but you can expect to be faced with a KYC/AML identity check if you withdraw more than $3000!

Customer Support

Quick on their feet and resourceful on their help page!


Players don’t usually pay too much attention to customer support services in online casinos, but when you face problems, that’s when you learn the importance of a good support team.

So what makes support services good? It’s three things: knowledge, responsiveness, and kindness.

Here’s how Rollbit’s support team performed. We’ve sent the same question: “Hey, is there an easier way to check the fairness compared to the Python code you provide?” to both the email support agents and the live chat support agents.

rollbit support services

The first to respond was Pacho, the live chat support agent.

Although we received bad news, we understand that it’s not the support agent’s fault. Email support agent Ana also responded swiftly.

In all honesty, we found Rollbit’s help page so resourceful that we struggled to find a question for customer support services. And that’s amazing! We hate seeing FAQs or Help pages that are a complete wasteland.

To top things off, Rollbit also regularly updates its blog with long-form explanations of its promotions, features, and latest news.

If you’re more of a social media kind of guy, you can follow Rollbit on the following platforms:

P.S.: Rollbit tends to be extra generous with giveaways on Discord, make sure you’re there!

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